Our goal is to give you a starting point for meaningful conversations, new insights and change: Diversity & Inclusion Training, Anti-Bias skills

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Our Foundation

SunShower Learning is the creation of director Joel Lesko, a longtime documentary filmmaker who’s work has appeared on PBS and has received over a dozen film awards. Joel has worked with teachers and authors across many areas of interest around the world, including Al Gore, Deepak Chopra and other leaders.


For many years, Joel traveled the world teaching meditation, leading corporate retreats for stress reduction and making short films about the challenges of the workplace. Observing that so many people suffer terribly in toxic workplaces and that so much human potential is wasted, Joel dedicated himself to helping people learn and practice skills to foster collaboration and communication across differences. By creating more respectful workplaces, Joel’s wish and passion is to help workplaces evolve so that everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. 

What’s a sunshower?

Imagine rain falling at the same time as sun is shining brightly, no clouds. It’s a miracle. And science explains: when rain drops are blown a long way into an area with no clouds. Often a rainbow follows. Yes, a sunshower is a unique and inspiring event. That’s what we hope our training is for you.

Diversity has sometimes been about counting people. Inclusion is always about making people count.
— Steve Robbins, see his product Inclusion Insights

Our Results

SunShower has been on the cutting edge of the cognitive shift about inclusion and respect, defining the challenges, outlining solutions and demonstrating how to implement anti-bias catalyst activities that can impact everyone.

Development of programs like Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts, Defeating Unconscious Bias, Anyone Can Be An Ally for LGBTQ and other training programs that identify the challenges facing workplaces and offer concrete tools for change.


Our products have been used by thousands of corporations, schools, governments and other organizations.

Our Future

The “now” is changing, impacting the future workplace cultures of companies and organizations from small to global. Continuing to refine our existing programs, track the narrative surrounding bias and respond with new training programs and workshops will continue to be our focus

In addition to producing new programs, Joel delivers in-person workshops and webinars on unconscious bias, respectful communication in the multicultural workplace and the role of allies.


Home base

When not on the road training or producing a video, you’ll find Joel hanging around in his Ashland Oregon backyard sipping a pinot with his wife, Alia, or the ongoing challenge of building stick fences to keep Nova out of the tomato patch. (Ashland is just south of Portlandia).