Disarming Microaggressions

What are microaggressions? It’s a term that’s been around since the 70’s, but what are they and what is the impact on people who’ve been the target of a microaggression? How can you speak up as a bystander or ally? And if you’ve said something offensive, how can you recover and rebuild trust?

SunShower is excited to announce that this course is based on Dr. Derald Wing Sue’s work. Dr. Sue is the author of hundreds of articles and many books on microaggressions, including Microaggressions in Everyday Life and Microintervention Strategies.

Disarming Microaggressions shows learners how comments or questions that might sound harmless or even like compliments, actually carry a hidden message that hurts. The course includes activities to identify the hidden messages and then practice for how to speak up and interrupt a microaggression when it happens or afterwards.

“Joel Lesko and SunShower Learning have produced the gold standard of anti-bias training that will have a lasting and beneficial impact in business, industry and education. If equity, diversity and inclusion are important goals for your organization, community and the nation, then this interactive training video will teach employers and employees concrete skills to confront and disarm microaggressions (bias and bigotry). The training teaches targets, allies and bystanders specific actions that involve making the ‘invisible’ visible, disarming microaggressions, and educating offenders. It is filled with real-life examples of harmful microaggressions, along with tested intervention actions that can be taken to create norms that reinforce an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming environment.”

Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D.
Author, Microaggressions in Everyday Life, Microintervention Strategies

Disarming Microaggressions is Available in 2 Formats

Disarming Microaggressions is also Available in these Language Versions.

  • Desarmar las microagresiones (Spanish)
  • Désarmorcer les micro-agressions (Canadien français)


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Disarming Microaggressions is Available in 2 Formats

USB Workshop Kit for In-Person TrainingOnline e-Learning Course

Disarming Microaggressions

In-Person Training


  • Best for In Person Training
  • USB Workshop Kit
  • Includes videos, handouts and Leader’s Guide
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Disarming Microaggressions

Online e-Learning Course

  • Individual, self-paced learning with activities and knowledge checks
  • SCORM 1.2. Install on your LMS or use our LMS
  • Fully translated versions in Spanish and French Canadian

The Disarming Microaggressions program features relatable workplace and personal scenarios to help people get clear about what a microaggression is, learn how to decode the hidden message and begin to practice skills to speak up to disarm microaggressions as they happen or afterwards.

This breakthrough course offers Dr. Sue’s latest presentation of microintervention strategies – the comeback, disarming the microaggression and educating the offender.

Available in these formats:
1. A USB for you to lead your own in-person training workshops. Includes videos, Powerpoint and handout PDF’s.
2. The Online Streaming Video course is designed to have a shorter seat time, and still give learners the experience and practice of speaking up. SCORM 1.2 and can be installed on your LMS or you can access SunShower’s LMS.
3. Online e-Learning course. For individual, self-paced online learning. SCORM 1.2 and can be installed on your LMS or you can access SunShower’s LMS. Seat time about 30 minutes.

Joel was wonderful to work with! He was great about meeting with us in advance to ensure the training was everything we needed it to be and created a very supportive, safe place for folks to be vulnerable, learn and reflect. We did the Disarming Microaggressions training at my office and it sparked quite a bit of important and open discussion.

Erica Curry

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