Our Guarantee

SunShower guarantees the quality of our programs. If there is a defect in a DVD, CD-ROM or USB that you receive, please notify us and we will replace the defective product at no charge. If you have damaged the DVD or USB, contact us and return the damaged item and we will replace it for a discounted price plus the cost of shipping.

SunShower makes it possible to preview our programs in their entirety either online or by receiving a preview video. Our facilitation materials are also available for online review at no charge. We strongly recommend that customers view the complete program and support materials BEFORE making a decision to license a SunShower product. There should therefore be no need to return a SunShower program once it has been licensed for training and returns will not be accepted.

In unusual special cases (for example, where the wrong program was ordered by mistake) a program may be exchanged for another SunShower program. Please contact us if you have such a special situation.

If you have any questions about SunShower’s User License or Returns Policy please call us at 1-888-723-8517.


SunShower charges a modest fee for shipping. If you prefer, we can ship using your Fedex or UPS account. Regarding returns, as noted above, because previews are available on our website, there shouldn’t be a need to return our program. If there’s a defect in the DVD or CD-ROM, we’ll replace it.


At SunShower Learning, we license the program content. You are not purchasing the program, but rather, purchasing the right to use the program.

Please note that you have certain rights as well as some restrictions on your use of this program. If you disagree with any of these rights or limitations, please do not purchase the program. Your purchase and use the program indicates your agreement to comply with the limitations outlined in this license.

You may use the video, CD or DVD (hereafter “Program”) as often as you need to train employees within your organization. You may NOT use this Program to train people outside of your organization, nor may you lend, rent, sell or otherwise make this Program available to any person or entity that is not a part of your organization. Training consultants who are contracted to provide training using a SunShower Program are permitted to use our products within their customers’ organizations.

You may make as many copies of the printed and CD-ROM support literature as you need for your internal training needs. You may NOT make any copies of the DVDs in any form whatsoever, including but not limited to “safety” copies, archive copies, audio copies, digitized video copies, or any other copy.

You may show the Program to individuals or groups of any size in one location at a time. You may NOT broadcast, stream on the internet, or transmit this Program using any technology whatsoever including, but not limited to closed-circuit broadcast, local area broadcasts, cable-cast, intranet or Internet transmission, video server transmission, satellite transmission or any other multiple location technology without written permission from SunShower. Such broadcasts can be arranged with a separate license for which there may be additional fees.

We offer custom licensing options. If you are interested in securing additional licensing rights, such as: streaming, multiple monitor use, editing or an option not listed, please contact us: 888-723-8517 or at sales@sunshowerlearning.com