Our Guarantee

SunShower guarantees the quality of our programs – content and technology. We make it possible to preview our programs in their entirety. Our facilitation materials are also available for online review at no charge. We strongly recommend that customers view the complete program and support materials before making a decision to license a SunShower product.


‍At SunShower Learning, we sell licenses to our content. You are not purchasing the program, but rather, purchasing the right to use the program.

Please note that you have certain rights as well as some restrictions on your use of this program. If you disagree with any of these rights or limitations, please do not purchase the program. Your purchase and use the program indicates your agreement to comply with the limitations outlined in this license.

You may use the Trainer’s Toolbox materials (hereafter “TB Program”) as often as you need to train employees within your organization. You may NOT use this Program to train people outside of your organization, nor may you lend, rent, sell or otherwise make this TB Program available to any person or entity that is not a part of your organization. Training consultants who are contracted to provide training using a SunShower Program are permitted to use our products within their customers’ organizations.

You may NOT record the video or screen capture the video in the TB Program using any technology whatsoever.

We offer custom licensing options. If you are interested in securing additional licensing rights, such as streaming, multiple monitor use, editing or an option not listed, please contact us: 877-772-2111 or sales@sunshowerlearning.com