21-Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions

This micro-learning course includes 21 modules of 3 to 5 minutes each to help people develop new habits. Over the course of a few days or weeks, your learners can gain a deep understanding of why microaggressions are so harmful to individuals and damaging for the workplace culture

21 micro-learning modules to change mindsets

ouch that stereotype hurts, how to speak up against stereotypes
ouch that stereotype hurts, how to speak up against stereotypes

The 21-Day Plan includes activities to identify hidden messages, interrupt a microaggression and apologize and rebuild trust if and when a microaggression occurs.


Microaggressions make workplaces unsafe for everyone, but especially for people from marginalized groups who face these small slights, putdowns and insults everyday. Microaggressions have a negative impact on people, causing harm psychologically, emotionally and physically. Microaggressions damage teams and workplace culture.

The 21-Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions has been designed to help people understand what microaggressions are and why they are harmful. The course provides guidance on identifying the hidden messages that microaggrssions carry so that action can be taken to interrupt or prevent them.

This micro-learning course includes 21 modules of 3 to 5 minutes each. It is based on the work of leading researcher Dr. Derald Wing Sue, author of books and articles on microaggressions and a professor at Columbia University. Each pf the 21 days consists of a short video, an exercise and reflection questions to help people ground the learning and apply the skills in their daily lives.

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The 21-Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions eLearning course was created using Articulate RISE with utmost care for accessibility, user experience and accurate performance on all LMS platforms. As one reviewer mentioned, “I promise this is not an ad, just something I need to share because it is a gem of a course. I cannot say enough great things about an off the shelf course I recently took … If you’re looking for a course on Microaggressions definitely check out SunShower’s course on Disarming Microaggressions.” Read more here 

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FAQ: Training formats, technical details and licensing

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In what formats is your training offered?

We offer our training programs in three formats:
• Self-Paced Online Learning – asynchronous e-Learning course
• Trainer’s Toolbox – provides access to our videos, Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint files and handouts
• Interactive Live Webinars – SunShower experts deliver training in customized workshops on Zoom

What is Self-Paced Online Learning?

The streaming video course includes the video and offers a bit more information and experience for learners. It’s still short – just 15 minutes! The course has a 10-question quiz at the end and offers a downloadable completion certificate.

With a 1-year license, you can add this SCORM 1.2 course to your Learning Management System and offer it to your employees inside your own training ecosystem. You can train a handful of people or thousands. Select the level of usage you anticipate and purchase here, or book 20 minutes with Joel Lesko, SunShower’s Producer/President, to craft a custom license.

What is the Trainer’s Toolbox and how does it work?

The Trainer’s Toolbox is designed to replace DVDs and USBs. No more, “Who’s got the USB?” or “Uh-oh, we lost it”. All the materials that used to reside on a DVD or USB are now easily accessible from the SunShower Learning website, ready for you whenever you conduct a training. The Trainer’s Toolbox can be used for in-person or virtual training sessions, regardless of your computer’s operating system. You can play the videos full-screen and and present on Teams, Zoom and other virtual platforms.

Your subscription includes full access to the videos as well as a downloadable Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint files and PDF handouts. And, pricing is flexible, based on team size: small (1-5 facilitators), medium (6-14 facilitators) or large (15-29 facilitators). Upon subscribing, you’ll receive an email from our website with the link and login credentials.

How is the Self-Paced Online Learning course different from the Trainer’s Toolbox?

The online course is designed for individual, self-paced use by logging into your own learning management system (LMS) or accessing SunShower’s online LMS. In contrast, the Trainer’s Toolbox is a set of resources (videos, a Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint files and handouts) for you and/or your team of trainers to use to conduct your own instructor-led training – in-person or on virtual platforms like Zoom.

Are your online courses accessible?

Accessibility is not just about captions. We are committed to the highest values of accessibility. To achieve that, our roadmap includes not only the basics – transcripts, captions, alt text, and many more features – but also the Extended Audio Description (AD) and other critical corrections. Inclusion is built into every aspect of our work. Each course is at a different stage of development.