The Kind Leader Series

Kindness is now being recognized as an essential ingredient to leadership success. Kind leaders are strong leaders. They earn trust by being transparent and aligning their values with their actions. Beyond this, kind leaders experience greater happiness, as they extend kindness to themselves by living in accordance with their values. They tend to remain true to their values even amidst challenging situations, which gives their lives a meaningful and deeply satisfying dimension.

This unique series delves into three ways to elevate your skills and amplify your impact by becoming a kind leader.

3 Steps to Being a Kind Leader with Dr. Robin Denise Johnson

Being a Kind Leader: 6 Soft Skills

6 Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.

Learn six inclusive leadership behavior hacks to improve your relationships, communication and collaboration. Dr. Robin Denise Johnson has synthesized the research, drawn on her personal experience and developed behavioral hacks (these 6 Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.), which leaders at all levels can readily utilize to gain significant benefits. If you want to work toward creating a culture of belonging with your colleagues, learn and practice these inclusive skills.

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Developing Trust

According to a global Gallup survey, trust is the number one thing employees want from leaders. Meaningful relationships, relationships with risks, interdependent relationships and relationships between leaders and followers all require trust. With Dr. Robin Denise Johnson’s guidance, you will learn about trust in a new way – you can choose whom to trust, the extent of that trust, the nature of trust, and even the option to re-establish trust and forgive someone who betrays you. Dr. Robin’s course operationalizes trust in ways that give you control over how it manifests in your relationships.

Living Your Values

Kind leaders are transparent about their values. Kind leaders are trustworthy because their actions and values align. And, kind leaders derive happiness from being kind to themselves and living their values.  As a result, their lives have meaning in ways that are deeply satisfying – even in circumstances marked by substantial differences in values with others. Join Dr. Robin Denise Johnson for what is much more than an eLearning discussion of values – this is an in-depth exploration and self-assessment of what values are and a process of choosing your top five most important values.

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