Unconscious Bias Workshops via Zoom

Is your team working from home?

Start, or keep your Diversity Equity & Inclusion conversation alive by scheduling an online workshop session. Raise awareness of unconscious bias and give your people skills to address their own bias. Start a conversation about how to be an ally and how to speak up against stereotypes and demeaning comments.

Workshop topics include:

  • Disrupting Unconscious Bias
  • How to disrupt microaggressions
  • Inclusive hiring practices

All SunShower Workshops via Zoom sessions are private, password-protected, and invite-only. If you have another technology platform you prefer, such as Adobe Connect or Webex, we are happy to work with you to use the platform of your choice. We don’t want to lecture anyone. So, we’ll work with you to prepare for breakout groups to facilitate smaller discussions. As we all know, having a chance to discuss with peers can have a big impact on how “sticky” the learning is.

We’ll use the latest technology to keep people engaged – chat and live polling are a great way to keep people involved. SunShower’s Workshops via Zoom are unique because we bring the entertainment factor. We’ll play videos from our award-winning e-Learning courses and start the conversation.

Our Unconscious Bias Zoom Workshops are Designed to:

  • Increase the awareness of implicit bias and its consequence in the workplace.
  • Help your team understand the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, even when they’re said unintentionally.
  • Support inclusiveness by sharing concrete skills that everyone can learn and practice to disrupt their biases.

Sunshower’s DEI Workshops Via Zoom

All of our Workshops are interactive, engaging, and sure to start new conversations. Not only do we teach the science about how the brain works and raise awareness about the impact of implicit bias, we also get your people thinking through the use of realistic video scenarios. Breakout rooms for small discussion and then back to the general session. Online workshop sessions range from 60 minutes to 3 hours or we can schedule on multiple days.

Your Instructors:

Joel Lesko (Oregon)

Filmmaker – Author – Facilitator

Joel is the founder of SunShower Learning, a developer of video-based eLearning courses that are used in organizations around the country – ATT, Subaru, Liberty Mutual, Yale  New Haven Health and many more. Joel’s film work has appeared on PBS and cable networks and has received over two dozen film awards.

Marsha Ross-Jackson (Chicago)

Attorney – Educator – Consultant

Marsha Ross-Jackson is the Executive Director of the Chicago-Kent College of Law Institute for Law and the Workplace, as well as Assistant Dean of the Office of D&I, Multicultural Affairs and Prof. Dev. Marsha has 20+ years of experience leading labor and employee relations for government, private and non-profit employers; as well as advising and training employees at all levels on performance management, employee development and engagement, anti-discrimination/harassment, leadership and DEI.

Dr. Connie Watson (Florida)

Researcher – Educator – Facilitator

Dr. Connie Watson is certified in NCBI, diversity and inclusion practices, Appreciative Inquiry and Myers Briggs (MBTI); and qualified in the Vibeonix Emotional Intelligence assessment and in ANSI training evaluation standards. She conducts research in the areas of: Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Transformative Leadership and Learning.

Tina Dyer (California)

Consultant – Coach – Facilitator

Tina Dyer, a 32-year financial services professional, and a leader in the areas of global racial equity, diversity and inclusion, public speaker, and learning and development professional with proven success in designing and implementing racial equity, diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives; and integrating racial equity, diversity & inclusion learning in business processes, including mitigation of unconscious bias and antiracism..

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