Shipping And Returns

SunShower guarantees the quality of our programs. If there is a defect in a videotape or DVD you receive, please notify us and we will replace the defective product at no charge. If you have damaged the videotape or DVD, contact us and return the damaged item and we will replace it for a discounted price plus the cost of shipping.

SunShower makes it possible to preview our programs in their entirety either online or by receiving a preview video. Our facilitation materials are also available for online review at no charge. We strongly recommend that customers view the complete program and support materials BEFORE making a decision to license a SunShower product. There should therefore be no need to return a SunShower program once it has been licensed for training and returns will not be accepted.

In unusual special cases (for example where the wrong program was ordered by mistake) a program may be exchanged for another SunShower program. Please contact us if you have such a special situation.

If you have any questions about SunShower’s User License or Returns Policy please contact us at 1-888-723-8517.