Understanding the Complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience

  • “Finally, a course that talks about how complex it is to be a member of the AAPI group.”
  • “For people who want to learn more about friends and colleagues, and also for AAPI people.”
  • “Hideko Akashi speaks with a deep understanding and compassion from her own experience. Authentic and powerful.”

When we say AAPI, who and what are we talking about? How can we better understand the complexities of the AAPI experience? 

These are just some of the questions that Hideko Akashi answers in her masterclass, Understanding the Complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience. 

This course will help you gain awareness and understanding of the challenges and resilience within the AAPI community and inspire you to promote greater inclusion and empathy in your workplace and society. Hideko, a seasoned consultant residing in San Francisco, talks about the complex history and diverse experiences of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the United States. Through videos and activities, she imparts invaluable insights drawn from her personal journey as a member of the AAPI community. Through a series of lessons, videos and interactive activities, participants delve into five key themes, gaining a richer understanding of the multifaceted AAPI narrative.

“I created this course to help you gain deeper insight and awareness of the issues impacting the AAPI community. By sharing my story, my goal is to bring these issues closer to home and foster greater understanding and empathy.” – Hideko Akashi 

This master class comes out of Hideko Akashi’s experiences, lessons learned and vision for what today’s employees and organizations need and want to learn about the AAPI experience.


Photo of Akashi Hideko with title of the course, Understanding the Complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience

Explore the diversity of the AAPI community

Hideko Akashi - Founder, Liberation Consulting

Hideko Akashi is the founder and lead consultant for Liberation Consulting. With over 20 years of experience in the educational sector, Hideko has challenged individuals and institutions to think critically about issues of diversity, privilege, social justice, inclusion and equity.

Beginning with her introspective journey, Hideko leverages her personal experiences to acknowledge her belonging to historically included groups as well as her multiple targeted identities. Through this, she facilitates individuals’ self-exploration.
She believes in self and social transformation, emphasizing that institutions can play a pivotal role in fostering positive shifts in organizational culture, thereby nurturing environments that are genuinely equitable and inclusive. She discusses, when we say AAPI, who and what are we talking about? People from 50+ countries are included in the AAPI category, d
efinitions, terminology and acronyms and many more. topics. 

This course will give your employees a deeper understanding and greater empathy about the opportunities and issues impacting the AAPI community. Hideko Akashi shares  her perspectives on:

  • Immigration
  • Assimilation
  • Invisibility
  • The Model Minority Myth
  • Internalization

Why does your organization need Hideko’s course now?

image from the course of Hideko Akashi.

The Learning objectives for Hideko’s course:

  • Develop deeper cultural awareness and empathy.
  • Critically analyze the Model Minority Myth and its impact on AAPI communities.
  • Understand the historical immigration patterns of Asian American Pacific Islanders to the US and their impact on contemporary communities.
  • Explore cultural assimilation’s influence on Asian American Pacific Islanders’ identities and societal integration.
  • Gain skills in identifying, understanding and challenging historical stereotypes about Asian American Pacific Islanders.
  • Recognize the importance of intersectionality.
  • Recognize the challenges of AAPI invisibility in media, politics and leadership roles.

“My hope is that you come away with a deeper appreciation of the rich tapestry of identities and ethnicities that exist within the AAPI community, the diversity of people’s immigrant experiences and the importance of disaggregating data.  There is a lot that can be misunderstood or assumed about AAPI folks, and I hope that this course has shed some light on these issues.” – Hideko Akashi

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Read this beautiful profile of Hideko Akashi by SunShower’s Gina Miller

Embracing Individuality in a Binary World
How Hideko Akashi’s Liberating Journey of Identity Development Led to Her Life’s Work
By Gina Miller

Identity development is an intricate and lifelong process that shapes one’s understanding of who they are, what they value and where they belong in the world. It is a journey of self-discovery, self-definition and self-acceptance. Along the way, individuals are often forced to navigate bumps in the road while working to create a life that aligns with their core values, beliefs and aspirations. In our traditionally binary world, the journey can be especially treacherous for individuals who exist outside societal norms. For Hideko Akashi, founder and lead consultant at Liberation Consulting, the process of identity development, replete with all of its challenges, has fostered self-confidence, resilience and a clear understanding of her purpose in life.

Liberation from social constraints

Drawing upon over 20 years of experience in the educational sector, Hideko has challenged individuals and institutions to think critically about issues of diversity, privilege, social justice, inclusion and equity. But it took a great deal of self-reflection to discover her true self amidst the influence of societal conditioning. From a young age, Hideko was shaped by the norms, expectations and values of society. Becoming aware of and then liberating herself from social conditioning was essential in order to authentically explore her identity, uncover her passions and embrace personal growth.

Continue Reading by downloading the PDF below. 

Click to download the profile

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