Inclusion In Action

Inclusion in Action eLearning was produced by SunShower Learning in collaboration with Liberty Mutual Insurance. It has been used to train more than 35,000 people with excellent results.

With this course, you can build an inclusive environment. Inclusion in Action eLearning teaches 9 Skills for Communicating & Collaborating Across Differences. It gives you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

    Inclusion In Action

    In-Person Training


    • Best for In-Person Training
    • Available on USB
    • Includes PowerPoint with embedded videos
    • Comprehensive Notes to guide any training

    Inclusion In Action

    Online e-Learning Course

    • Custom Pricing
    • Best for Individual Learning – Replaces Workshop
    • Install on your LMS or use ours

    Inclusion In Action

    Online Streaming Video Course

    • Best for Individual Learning with minimal time
    • Quiz for immediate feedback
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    Inclusion in Action eLearning is an award-winning, self-paced, interactive course that leads employees through 9 videos that draw on real-life workplace situations, to illustrate and teach 9 important skills that everyone can learn and practice. This breakthrough eLearning helps you attract and retain talent because it builds inclusion and supports collaboration across differences and similarities. When everyone feels welcome, collaboration is accelerated and innovation becomes a reality.

    Product Features

     • Accessible On Computers, Tablets & Smartphones
    • SCORM 1.2
    • Scalable Training (Train 1 To 100,000)

    Program Includes

     • 9 Impactful, Real-Life Video Scenarios
    • Interactive Exercises & Activities
    • Final Quiz
    • Completion Certificate


     • Proven By A Fortune 100 Company
    • Strong Adoption As 2/3 Of Employees Mentioned That Their Manager Was Discussing These Skills Well After The Learning
    • Builds Inclusion Skills
    • Actionable Tools For Better Collaboration

    “From my perspective, the Inclusion in Action training has provided our employees with helpful tools to show up each day without fear of being their true selves. I feel the training has fostered a higher degree of engagement, productivity, innovation and collaboration cross-functionally amongst various businesses throughout our organization. I find myself specifically using the “Try On” approach quite often, as it has helped me to understand different perspectives before sharing my own thoughts and decisions on employment matters. ”

    Kelly Wilson
    Sr. Human Resources Business Partner

    “Inclusion in Action eLearning not only brings attention to inclusion as a necessary leadership skill, it teaches skills that everyone in an organization can learn and practice. Best of all, the vignettes are realistic and really grab your attention.”

    Gerry Fernandez, President and Founder
    Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)

    “First hand, I’ve witnessed the impact of this eLearning series first hand. It provides easy to learn skills for everyday cross-cultural interactions resulting in strengthened collaboration. As a D&I consultant and facilitator, I’ve seen people take real steps to being inclusive – which means recognizing and utilizing differences.”

    Joe Steele MBA, Consultant
    VISIONS, Inc.

    “These 9 skills are game changers. We can find talented people and bring them in, but if we don’t create an environment where we hear every single voice then what good does it do us? And the only way for us to listen is for us to be inclusive of everyone.”

    Myrna L. Estrada
    VP and Regional General Manager, Liberty Mutual

    “This interactive, skills-based eLearning program is powerful, both in content and methodology. The skills it teaches are foundational and help people personally develop an awareness of how to communicate more effectively by inviting different opinions for truly inclusive collaboration. Inclusion in Action’s modular format provides flexibility. You can concentrate the learning for immediate impact. Or roll it out over time, progressively building the communication and collaboration skills that sustain inclusion and innovation in your organization.”

    Leslie Aguilar
    CEO, Diversity and Inclusion Center
    Author, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

    “This eLearning provides immediately applicable and easy to understand skills for creating inclusion in any workplace. High production values, clear explanations, and expert design keep the learner engaged and motivated to continue – that’s what eLearning is all about!”

    Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
    Keynote Speaker and Author, 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias


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