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The 21 Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions

The 21 Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions shows learners how comments or questions that might sound harmless or even like compliments, actually carry a hidden message that hurts. The course includes activities to identify the hidden messages and then practice how to speak up and interrupt a microaggression when it happens or afterward.

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Joel Lesko (Oregon)

Filmmaker – Author – Facilitator

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Attorney – Educator – Consultant

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The SunShower team has significant work experience in diverse industries: HR, psychology, labor and employee relations, higher education, leadership development, corporate banking, filmmaking, e-Learning development, and more. We bring all of this to the work we do + years of expertise in DEI instructional design, facilitation, and coaching.

Featured: Disarming Microaggressions

What are microaggressions? It’s a term that’s been around since the 70’s, but what are they and what is the impact on people who’ve been the target of a microaggression? How can you speak up as a bystander or ally? And if you’ve said something offensive, how can you recover and rebuild trust?

Featured: Defeating Unconscious Bias

Defeating Unconscious Bias offers a strong and effective resource for educating your people about unconscious bias and teaches how to take action to disrupt our own biases.

What People are Saying

Fantastic Unconscious Bias Training yesterday! Great content overall, and I was particularly impressed with the breadth of the training background on the link to the mind-body connection and helpful tools presented. Very happy with my choice of SunShower Learning 🙂

Svetlana Desiatkin
Caption Health
On “Unconscious Bias Workshops via Zoom”

I just completed the training and I wanted to tell you how good I thought it was. First, I thought it was very inclusive! I think it did a great job addressing all types of stereotypes… The format of the video was fantastic. It was engaging, and it seemed very genuine. The acting was good, and I love how the post-test was disguised as “learning.”  Thanks so much for making sure that everyone at Nemours gets this training.

Anna G. Small CNM, MSN, JD, CHC
SVP & Chief Compliance Officer
Nemours Children’s Health System

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How To Be an Ally in the Workplace

How To Be an Ally in the Workplace

Article written by Gina Miller: Gina Miller has committed herself to social justice for over a decade through her writing and community activism.  She and her husband have led educational programs, service projects, dialogue workshops, blogs and rallies through the...

SunShower is a Communicator Award winner

SunShower is a Communicator Award winner

The 21-Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions with Dr. Derald Wing Sue has been selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts to be recognized as a Communicator Award winner!  It’s a wonderful honor and we’re thrilled that this online,...

Toxic behavior that affects morale and retention

Toxic behavior that affects morale and retention

I came across an article in Fast Company (LINK) by Melinda Briana Epler, the author of How to Be an Ally: Actions You Can Take for a Stronger, Happier, Workplace. Melinda makes many excellent points about microaggressions and non-verbal bullying. She writes about the...

Wait, was that a microaggression?

Wait, was that a microaggression?

I just discovered a new online encyclopedia of microaggressions. It lists specific examples of microaggressions and debriefs why they are harmful. Check out Micropedia here. I found it to be very interesting and useful. Micropedia lists microaggressions pertaining to...