DEI LEAP with Lisette Martinez:
Fostering Inclusion and Building Humanity

Reviewers are saying:

  • “The DEI LEAP course is fabulous!”
  • “This is an important message for today’s workplace.”
  • “Getting to learn from Ms. Martinez was a special opportunity.”
  • “I like that it focuses on stories and feelings. I also liked the exercises at the end of each lesson and the action plans.  This gives the learner the opportunity to reflect on the lesson and think about ways to act and change behaviors to become more inclusive.”

This master class comes out of Lisette Martinez’s experiences, lessons learned and vision for what today’s employees and organizations need and want – diverse and truly inclusive workplaces where everyone can feel like they belong.

DEI LEAP will give your employees skills that are centered on these topics:

  • The Power of Storytelling for Inclusion
  • Intentional Inclusion: Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone
  • Building Humanity with Inclusion, Empathy and Grace

In this eLearning course, Lisette also introduces her unique method, the SPA Zone, to help people learn how to Slow down, be Present and Ask questions (SPA) to connect more authentically.

“Lisette Martinez was always a leader who exemplified inclusion and empathy, and her latest project channels her traits into skills for any industry. Whether teaching my classes or leading a conference, she makes the world a place I want to live in.”
– Mary Reich Cooper MD JD, Healthcare Quality and Safety Leader

“DEI LEAP captures stories and advice from Diversity, Equity & Inclusion leader, Lisette Martinez. Lisette sprinkles gems throughout that will help leaders create a culture of connection, inclusion and belonging.”

– Leslie Aguilar, Author of the book and course, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

DEI LEAP is now available – take the LEAP

Lisette Martinez, Chief Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Officer for the Audubon Society, articulates why seizing the moment to take a leap and lead with DEI is more crucial than ever.

“I learned that if you don’t embed something into the fabric of the organization, if you don’t build something that’s perceived as integral to success, then it’s never gonna get done,” says Martinez. 

The work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not about changing people. It’s not a fight against something – the work is about people; it’s slow, personal and should be inspirational with concrete action steps people can learn and practice. Lisette Martinez guides you how to do this.

Recognized as a Top Diversity Leader by Modern Healthcare, Lisette invites you to get up close and personal as she shares her best practices, skills and lessons learned, offering insights into shaping a more inclusive workplace. Read this profile of Lisette published in Becker’s Healthcare

A photo of Lisette Martinez with the title, Lisette Martinez named to Modern Healthcare's Top Diversity Leader's List

Why does your organization need the LEAP now?

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The Al Dia Magazine covers with Lisette Martinez's picture and the headline, "The Leader you don't know about"

The Learning objectives for Lisette’s course:

• Learn how to make sure the “I” in DEI is not overlooked
• Discover the power of storytelling to foster inclusive workplaces
• Learn how to effectively embrace discomfort with Lisette Martinez’s “SPA Zone” technique
• Learn how to operationalize DEI and elevate it from a requisite set of promises to an authentic commitment 

• Recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion education to help people get past the fears, insecurities and discomfort they experience when exploring their own biases


Did we mention that DEI LEAP is a SILVER Telly Award-winning production? It was selected from a small group of programs in the category of DEI. 

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Catch up on a webinar with Lisette: “DEI Leap: Putting DEI Into Practice in the Healthcare Industry”

Image of Lisette Martinez, a Latina woman with long brown hair and wearing a blue blazer. Text - The DEI Leap
Image of Lisette Martinez, a Latina woman with long brown hair and wearing a blue blazer. Text - The DEI Leap

We recently got up close and personal with Lisette Martinez, an award-winning SunShower Learning expert who serves as the Chief Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Officer for the Audubon Society.  Recognized as a Top Diversity Leader by Modern Healthcare, Martinez was recently the featured guest during a free OpenSesame webinar entitled “DEI Leap: Putting DEI into practice in the healthcare industry.”  During the event, which was done in the style of a fireside chat, Martinez covered:

  • Practical tips to effect true change for the betterment of healthcare employees and patients

  • How to operationalize DEI and elevate it from a requisite set of promises to an authentic commitment that drives purposeful change

  • How to implement diversity and inclusion education to help people get past the fears, insecurities and discomfort they experience when exploring their own biases

We encourage you to watch the healthcare webinar recording here!

The webinar recording for DEI LEAP: Turn Intention into Action is here!   

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We offer our training programs in three formats:
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What is Self-Paced Online Learning?
The streaming video course includes the video and offers a bit more information and experience for learners. It’s still short – just 15 minutes! The course has a 10-question quiz at the end and offers a downloadable completion certificate.

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What is the Trainer’s Toolbox and how does it work?
The Trainer’s Toolbox is designed to replace DVDs and USBs. No more, “Who’s got the USB?” or “Uh-oh, we lost it”. All the materials that used to reside on a DVD or USB are now easily accessible from the SunShower Learning website, ready for you whenever you conduct a training. The Trainer’s Toolbox can be used for in-person or virtual training sessions, regardless of your computer’s operating system. You can play the videos full-screen and and present on Teams, Zoom and other virtual platforms.

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How is the Self-Paced Online Learning course different from the Trainer’s Toolbox?
The online course is designed for individual, self-paced use by logging into your own learning management system (LMS) or accessing SunShower’s online LMS. In contrast, the Trainer’s Toolbox is a set of resources (videos, a Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint files and handouts) for you and/or your team of trainers to use to conduct your own instructor-led training – in-person or on virtual platforms like Zoom.
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Accessibility is not just about captions. We are committed to the highest values of accessibility. To achieve that, our roadmap includes not only the basics – transcripts, captions, alt text, and many more features – but also the Extended Audio Description (AD) and other critical corrections. Inclusion is built into every aspect of our work. Each course is at a different stage of development.