The SMILE! Customer Service Training Video

Customer service is one of the biggest challenges for customer-facing companies today. Are you trying to figure out your frontline customer service puzzle? SMILE! can help. SMILE! is Reggie’s story told straight. No talking head trainers telling you what to do – and turning off your employees. In this day and age, no one wants to be told what to do. Reggie’s story starts conversations. What better way to train than to have a conversation? How do you instill the spirit of customer service in your people?

    SMILE! Customer Service Training Video

    In-Person Training


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    SMILE! Customer Service Training Video

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    SMILE! Customer Service Training Video

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    Open the door to a positive attitude, a committed workplace and extraordinary customer care.

    SMILE! is an award-winning video training program featuring Reggie Wilson, a Seattle bus driver. In this 12, Reggie speaks from his heart about the day-in, day-out experience of doing his job and dealing with customers. He shares his secrets for working with the public, and making a choice everyday to be positive – for the sake of his riders, and for his own sake. The video also captures comments from Reggie’s supervisor and from riders, many of whom are so loyal that they actually wait for his bus.

    SMILE! received 3.5 out of 4 stars from Training Media Review. “SMILE! is powerfully motivational… Reggie’s story makes the case better than words. If you need to encourage a positive service approach (or have a difficult or ‘poisoned’ service environment), SMILE! is a great training choice.

    ”SMILE! has been used by companies like Citicorp, State Farm, Saks 5th Ave., Costco, City of Atlanta, San DiegoPadres and hundreds more. Trainers and facilitators in retail, healthcare, banking, transportation, food service, entertainment, government, etc., have found it to be useful for customer service, orientation, and other training where you want to discuss attitude, motivation and the power of personal choice.


    1. 12 minute video: a burst of energy gets your people involved and talking about delivering great service.
    2. 25 page Leader’s Guide: Background information, sample training session, reproducible pages you can hand out.
    3. 10 SMILE! buttons: A fun button to take away from the meeting. Everyone loves the SMILE! button.

    SMILE! Costs: The SMILE! program is $595 (DVD or USB).
    SMILE! Discounts: We offer great discounts for Educational (25%), Non-profit organizations (25%) and Government agencies (10%).
    Please contact us to see if you qualify.

    SMILE! is also available in Spanish (DVD only). Please note Spanish in your special comments on the order form.
    Note: support material is in English.

    “Dear Joel – Adored the video! Adored Reggie! And I adored the the inspirational message! It is perfect for Customer Service and for a sometimes needed shot of encouragement. I absolutely LOVE the button! With a rapidly downturning economy, and a lot of people seeming in dire straights, the button seems to cheer them up when they come into my office and see it. I have been told that I am always smiling and I’m often asked how I do it – the button reinforces that. I would love to purchase more buttons…!”

     Kari Turner, United States Postal Service

    “Over the past two weeks, I presented eight 3 hour customer service workshops to approximately 500 front line supervisors and workers. The title of the workshop “Customer Service – The Other Side of the Desk” emphasizes the importance of attitude, empathy, and communication in dealing with customers. The SMILE! video is the ideal video to help front line staff recognize and rediscover the difference that they make in the lives of people when they maintain a bigger vision. Too often, they get caught up in the daily grind of their jobs and forget the profound influence they have on the lives of so many people. It also helps them recognize that their own lives and jobs will be enriched and more satisfying than they can imagine by maintaining a positive attitude. They loved Reggie. SMILE! provided them the opportunity to laugh and smile. Thanks!”

    Karen M. Stengle, The Rushmore Group

    “I use it more for a motivation enhancer than I do for customer service, although it would certainly work well for CS. I think it teaches the importance of individual “accountability” for the organization…going beyond your regular “responsibilities”. Everyone has their regular job responsibilities…that’s what I pay my people for. Accountability to me means going beyond your regular responsibilities. It means being accountable to your team members, the customer…the situation at hand. It means being accountable for your personal attitude when dealing with others. These are the things I talk to our employees about when I show the film.!”

    Sam Splear, Manager QCHR, The John Deere & Company

    “I enjoy the program a great deal. I use it in my orientation program during that dull time after lunch. It picks everyone up and we have a great time. Reggie is such an engaging character that it’s almost impossible not to get involved with the video. By the time I have people moving their chairs and singing, they are ready to meet Reggie. We set up the chairs in rows with an aisle- just like a bus- and we sing along. I think the concepts are clear and clearly presented. Oh, and we all wear the SMILE! buttons, too!”

    Candy Gusst, Director of Training, Beneficial Savings Bank

    “I looked long and hard for a program to use for the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) here in Nashville. There are hundreds of customer service training tapes out there and none of them seemed appropriate. As soon as I saw ‘SMILE!’ I knew I had found my program. And when the folks at the MTA saw it – it sealed the deal. SMILE! is now a part of the new employee training as well as the customer service training for all existing MTA employees. Thank you for bringing a SMILE! to the faces of so many here in Nashville; if I could have rubbed Aladdin’s lamp and got my wish – it would have been THIS program!”

    David L. Preston, Hospitality Industry Training Director, Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau

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