Introducing SunShower Learning’s Captivating New Branding: Unveiling a Fresh Chapter

Aug 9, 2023

SunShower Learning logo. The brand mark depicts golden sun rays and blue background with white rain streaks.

SunShower Learning is proud to announce the launch of our vibrant new branding, marking a significant milestone in our company’s evolution. This represents our unwavering commitment to our values and vision and the growth of our community of experts and practitioners. 

The new brand identity captures the essence of what SunShower Learning is all about – and we hope you agree! Thinking about what a sunshower is helped us develop the new logo, and we feel it embodies our continued dedication to delivering high-impact Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training that drives meaningful change. Onward!

A modern, inspiring logo
The centerpiece of our rebranding efforts is a fresh new logo that reflects a sunshower, which is a unique and engaging experience that inspires curiosity and openness to fresh ideas and skills to bring about change in the world.  The circular design invokes equity, inclusion, harmony and balance.  We believe that our refreshed logo will not only captivate attention but also leave a lasting impression on our clients and partners.

As a fun exercise, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new logo. What does it symbolize to you? What themes does it conjure up? Feel free to send us an email and share your thoughts.

A cohesive visual identity
Beyond our logo, our visual identity has undergone a complete transformation, delivering a consistent and visually stimulating experience across all touchpoints. From refined typography to carefully curated imagery, every element has been thoughtfully chosen to represent our brand values. This cohesive visual identity will elevate our communications and online presence.

A message that resonates
As part of our rebranding initiative, we have also refined our brand messaging. Our goal is to effectively communicate the unique value we bring to the table and showcase our expertise and best-of-breed training. With a renewed focus on clear and compelling communications, we aim to foster stronger connections, build trust and inspire confidence while driving increased engagement with existing and potential clients.

A digital experience that delights
In line with our new branding, we are thrilled to unveil a redesigned and user-friendly website. The revamped online presence not only showcases our fresh visual identity but also provides a seamless and intuitive experience for our visitors. Our focus is on informative content, engaging visuals and streamlined navigation. We also want to provide visitors with the ability to quickly and easily get a sense of our training.

Unwavering commitment
While our look may be evolving, our commitment to delivering exceptional DEI training and building meaningful relationships is unwavering. As we enter this new era, we remain steadfast in our dedication to excellence, innovation, accessibility and customer satisfaction. The launch of our new branding signals our readiness to rise up to challenges and create a positive impact.  We hope you’ll join us on the journey so that, together, we can help workplaces truly become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.