Inclusive practices are a model for innovation

Diversity and Inclusion is more than an HR concern - it’s about leadership. (Yes!)

Because we can’t emphasize this enough. I will keep posting articles that talk about D&I as the most important leadership skill and the key to innovation.

This from Jane Claire Hervey, a contributor to Forbes Women
Panelists …. “argued (through evidence-based and clever anecdotes) that diverse and inclusive practices are less a model for anti-discrimination within HR and more of a model for innovation

Diverse and inclusive business practices increase a business' bottom line—better perspectives make for better products and better products make for happier customers.

And they're right. According to recent studies, diverse and inclusive workplaces have increased productivity, better engaged staff, entrepreneurial energy, higher work satisfaction, healthier employer brands and high creativity and adaptability among their teams.

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Candi Castleberry Singleton, Vice President of Intersectionality, Culture and Diversity and Twitter (left), and Caroline Wanga, Chief Diversity Officer at Target (center), discuss the impact of Diversity and Inclusion teams on company culture at Culturati Summit 2019 in Austin, Texas.

Joel Lesko