WORKSHOP Breaking (Bad) Bias Unconscious & Conscious Bias

WORKSHOP Breaking (Bad) Bias Unconscious & Conscious Bias


Breaking (Bad) Bias: Gain Skills to Change Biased Attitudes and Behavior

This is interactive workshop will give your people a hands-on experience of identifying their own biases, learning where unconscious bias comes from and practicing skills to disrupt their own bias. Drawing on research about UB, inspiring videos and stories, Joel Lesko will lead a conversation that not only raises awareness but also gives skills everyone can practice, long after the workshop has ended. Call us and we’ll work with you to customize a workshop to meet your needs and goals. The workshop can be an hour, 2 hours or all day, for 5-50 participants. It also can be for a larger group. Please call.

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“I have only heard positive feedback. One of my colleagues stated it was the best training he has had while being at xxxxxx. He loved having no PPT - more of a dialogue - and feels it has such practical use for our work and was a very beneficial use of his time. My student will be carrying the information back to her fellow students and workplace thus having very far-reaching impact beyond xxxx. Thank you again for your time and the great resources and information.” ~ from a client who wishes to keep her name and organization private.

”I enjoyed the seminar very much and can apply it not only to my workplace but also in my daily life. Thank you very much to Joel and Leslie. They were both extremely knowledgeable, and they presented the material in a straightforward manner.”

“I found the event to be quite relevant and valuable in my work. I have encountered bias and seen the effects on myself and others. This event provided me with a set of tools that I can use to help create a better work environment. It was a great topic. It helped me realize some of my own misconceptions. However I would’ve liked it to be more than one day event. It is an important concept - especially in a multicultural society - it would be worth extra time. Great overall.”