Defeating Unconscious Bias : Elearning courses

Defeating Unconscious Bias : Elearning courses

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Self-paced • Interactive • Trackable • SCORM 1.2

SunShower’s Elearning on unconscious bias is available for upload to your LMS or via SunShower’s LMS.

We have created two versions: the Main course (Manager’s) and the Peer course (Peer-to-Peer). These courses were created in Articulate Storyline.

The Main course (preview below) uses the original 14-minute video and its 3 vignettes: Joe doesn’t hire young people, Jeff overlooks the single mom and Beth ignores Jorge because of his accent. Through activities, knowledge checks and a final quiz (graded) the course teaches the 5 strategies to disrupt your bias.

The Peer course uses 3 different vignettes: Tomas is biased against a millennial teammate, Joe is dismissive of a colleague because of her cultural background and in a team meeting, men ignore the woman who suggests a good solution. Same strategies. The activities and quiz help anchor the learning.

At the completion of training, each participant will become aware of the impact of unconscious biases on themselves, their colleagues, and their workplace; understand that even unconscious biases can be defeated; and learn how to employ 5 practical strategies to identify and counter their own unconscious biases.

What others say about this course:

”SunShower's Unconscious Bias e-learning is the most engaging e- learning product I've seen. We are getting very positive feedback. It is the first time we've seen people making a point to tell us how good the training is. Stellar!”
~ K. Riley, Training Specialist Fortune 500 Company

“Acknowledging that unconscious bias exists in all of us is a good first step, but then we need actionable and memorable resources to interrupt bias. This 14-minute video offers 5 simple, actionable, and memorable strategies to enhance workplace productivity and innovation by addressing bias. The authenticity and diversity of the scenarios utilized keeps your attention, and the solutions suggested support change without blame.” 

~ Deborah Dagit, Deb Dagit Diversity LLC

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