Defeating Unconscious Bias: 5 Strategies : DVD or USB

Defeating Unconscious Bias: 5 Strategies : DVD or USB


The Impact of Unconscious Bias in 3 Realistic Vignettes

The Defeating Unconscious Bias video uses 3 realistic vignettes to show the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. It offers a practical definition of unconscious bias then teaches 5 strategies people can use to counter their own unconscious biases to create a more respectful and inclusive workplace.

Unconscious bias is in the news almost everyday. From hiring and compensation to advancement and teamwork, unconscious bias can create problems that limit your innovation. It can also make people want to leave for more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

At the completion of training, each participant will become aware of the impact of unconscious biases on themselves, their colleagues, and their workplace; understand that even unconscious biases can be defeated; and learn how to employ 5 practical strategies to identify and counter their own unconscious biases.

This training program offers you a strong and effective resource for educating your people about unconscious bias and how to help them take action to disrupt their own biases. The package includes the 14 minute video, a comprehensive Leader’s Guide and a pack of 20 Reminder Cards. You’ll have everything you need to conduct a workshop, session or lunch n learn.

We also offer this training as a Streaming Video course AND an Elearning course. You can review those on our here.

Defeating Unconscious Bias is a unique program: it not only identifies the problem of unconscious bias, it also teaches how to take concrete action steps to disrupt your own bias.

The comprehensive Leader’s Guide lays out a step-by-step outline to conduct a 90-minute training session. Also includes a Powerpoint presentation you can edit.

DVD Package Includes: 1 DVD , 1 CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide, Handout and Powerpoint + 1 pack of Reminder Cards (25 count)

USB Package Includes: 1 USB Flash Drive with the video and Leader’s Guide, Handout and Powerpoint + 1 pack of Reminder Cards (25 count)

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