Howard Schultz says Starbucks manager showed her own ‘unconscious bias’


Important article about how Starbucks is responding to the incident at their cafe in Philadelphia.

The white Starbucks manager who called 911 on two African American men last week is no longer with the company, with Starbucks’s executive chairman saying the manager likely acted on her own “unconscious bias” when she decided to involve the police.

Howard Schultz told Gayle King of “CBS This Morning” that he spent time with the manager and that she “recognizes that perhaps that call should not have been made.” Schultz said that when the manager called the police, she probably thought they would come to her location in Center City in Philadelphia and talk to the men about why they were there. “I think you have to say in looking at the tape that she demonstrated her own level of unconscious bias,” Schultz told King. “And in looking at the tape, you ask yourself whether or not that in fact was racial profiling.”

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