Research study validates Ouch! training


"Based on observations made by the UC Evaluation Team while participating in the Ouch! workshop, an implicit goal of the workshop was also determined to be to increase participants' awareness of how often they encounter culturally insensitive stereotypes and statements at home, in social settings or in work/school environments."  from the summary of evaluation results.

A recent study at the University of Cincinnati showed that within 3 months, 82% of Ouch! trainees had already used the Ouch! skills in their workplace interactions and personal lives. The study also documented that trainees had a statistically significant increase in awareness of bias an stereotypes and a lasting positive change in their comfort and confidence to speak up using the Ouch! skills. Trainees were more likely in the future to speak up against stereotypes or bias they encountered at work, home and in social settings.

"Based on these findings, it is recommended that FAST TRAC continue with the Ouch! Workshops and the current evaluation instruments and methods." from the summary of evaluation results. 

You can download the study in these PDF files. Ouch! Results Summary Write-up  and this summary Ouch! Summary